BioResearch Monitors, Inc.


Quality assurance and regulatory compliance services for

pharmaceutical and biomedical research and development



FDA and other Regulatory Authorities have an expectation that all people‚Äôs assigned responsibilities during a GCP clinical trial have appropriate training to understand expectations for complying with regulatory requirements, documenting activities, and for ensuring the safety, privacy and rights of study subjects. 


Bioresearch Monitors Inc develops training programs that will be designed specifically for the roles and responsibilities of the groups requiring training.  Documentation of the training is provided to the client will satisfy  expectations by regulatory authorities that individuals received appropriate GCP training;  including testing results that  support that students understood key points presented during the training.


 GCP Training programs are available for the following types of audiences:

  • Clinical Site staff
  • Clinical Investigators
  • Sponsor staff
  • Central/Clinical Laboratory staff
  • Data entry personnel